The Face behind Muses Touch,

and her little muse.

Joanna Ortynska is an International Digital Art & Design freelancer, living in South-Limburg Netherlands, where she enjoys working on her Art as well as walking her dog in the forest. Since childhood she has been busy with drawing and painting of illustrations from fairytale stories, which she loved to read. In her twentieths she discovered the realm of digital-media. Since then she has been passionate about everything related to this inspiring digital world where ‘all dreams can come true’…as long as you know how to create them!

Having worked voluntarily for a small magazine she learned the skills of prepress and editorial designing which gave a boost to her graphic work, being able to not only deliver high quality images for online resources but also for printing purposes.
In 2008 she gained a third place in the gallery of the International Adobe Layers Magazine which motivated her even more to expand her graphic skills. Intrigued by beauty in all its forms and adoring details, she specialized herself in High End Photo Retouching, which combines those two aspects. The photos retouched by her transform into beautiful works of Art.

Outside the commissioned work, Joanna spends her time creating wonderfully detailed and beautifully worked out digital art. Going through her illustrations is like gazing into a beautiful fantasy realm.

She doesn’t focus her art on one specific style as she loves to experiment, which you easily can see in her online gallery. It depends very much of the idea, which style she chooses. She enjoys humor in art and tries to implement it when it fits, playing with words and expressing their meanings through an image.

Photography is her newest passion. So far, it’s mostly used for her own stock gallery or artwork. Landscapes and animals are her favorite subjects. If you are interested in purchasing one of her images, don’t hesitate to e-mail her.


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